Nuclear Bomb Victims of the World

Room: 116
27.08.2010, Friday 17.00 - 18.15

Organizer: Katsuyuki Takeda JPPNW / PANW and Yukuta Manabe

Speakers: Yutaka Manabe, Democratic Medical Institution; Dr Hiroshi Iwanaga, Neurologist and Chairman of World Nuclear Victims Organisation, Japan; Dr Enver Tohti, Uighur cancer surgeon in China (1985-1997) discovered the link between the high rates of cancer and the secret nuclear tests, now political refugee (UK); Kazakstan: Dr. Oleg Nikitin, MD

The Japanese nuclear bomb victims Hibakushas have been acknowledged as having the right to get a monthly allowance, according to the A-bomb victims support law, in case they have the diseases cased by A-bomb radiation, such as malignant diseases, atomic bomb cataract, etc. However the Japanese government has restricted the conditions to acknowledge the diseases as caused by the A-bomb radiation. Therefore, only 2200 persons (0.88%) out of 250000 Hibakushas were acknowledged as having the diseases derived from the A-bomb radiation. Since 2003, at 17 district courts around Japan, those Hibakushas have filed lawsuits against the government. Each of the 17 courts concluded that almost all plaintiff Hibakushas have their diseases caused by A-bomb radiation, and they have the right to the allowance.

Many people who think about the risk of nuclear weapons, tend to treat problems of US and Russia, for their overwhelming number of nuclear warheads. On the other side, people tend to think less about nuclear weapons of other countries, than their real danger. And, huge number of victims of nuclear tests also tend to be treated little. Dr. Hiroshi Iwanaga will look back over the history of nuclear weapon, and made some considerations about developing nuclear weapon, including the issue of spreading nuclear weapons.