Neoliberal Economic Globalization; Global Crisis and War

Room: 114
28.08.2010, Sat  15.15 - 16.45

Organizer: Dr. Carlos Pazos, IPPNW Cuba

Program / Speakers:
 - General Concepts on: Neoliberal Economic Globalization; Global Crisis and War - Dr. Carlos Pazos (Cuba)
- The Causes of Global Crisis: The United States and The Third World - Dr. Antonio Jarquín (Nicaragua) In the case that Dr. Jarquín could not attend the Congress, Dr. Helmut Lohrer (Germany) would read his presentation
- The Causes of Global Crisis: Europe - Dr. Christoph Kraemer (Germany) - General debate

The subject of this workshop ''Neoliberal Economic Globalization, Global Crisis and War'' today is central to the world's interest. It is not a mere theme, but a real and transcendental fact which, regarding its future and survival, is placing humankind into an extreme difficult situation. For this reason such a complex problem demands all our attention and dedication, in order to openly analyze and debate its essence from an open-minded perspective, looking for its interrelated causes and trying then to define the best solutions and start working on them. It should be within the mission and objectives of IPPNW, to at least mitigate the awful consequences of globalisation.