Multiplying Our Effectiveness, Building Sustainable Networks: Working Successfully with Health Agencies, Non-medical NGOs on Violence Prevention Research, Education, other Programming

Room: 120
27.08.2010, Friday 17.00 - 18.15

Organizer: Aiming for Prevention

Moderator: Dr. Paul Saoke, IPPNW Kenya

Short presentations and roundtable discussion with the following speakers:
Chris Bem, MD, Medact : Kidist Bartolemeos, WHO Injury Dept/Africa WHO
Robert Mtonga, MD IPPNW Zambia, Cluster Munitions Steering Committee
Andrew Winnington, MD New Zealand; Dr. Sebastian Taylor, Chief Executive, Action on Armed Violence

This workshop will bring together IPPNW activists with others working on armed violence prevention to encourage discussion on developing active and sustainable partnerships as well as engagement at the local level. Participants will offer some examples of successful collaborations. The goal will be to identify at least 2 potential partnerships for 2010-11.