Media and accidents in nuclear reactors

Room: 114
27.08.2010, Friday 17.00 - 18.15

Organizer: Jürg Ulrich, MD, Basel.

Speakers: Rudolf Rechsteiner, economist, ex-member of the Swiss National Council, Basel
Representitives from media: to be confirmed later

Dealing with the 1957 accident in the Mayak reactor near Chelyabinsk, Jaurès Medvedev, living in England, had reconstructed the accident fairly correctly. Most of the Newspapers, however, rather believed the USSR governments' denial of the event. This attitude of the press during cold war is surprising. Was it due to the fact that nuclear reactors for military and civil purposes were also being planned in the West? The participants of the workshop are encouraged to discuss this hypothesis. What is generally the attitude of the media regarding the Nuclear Power Industry? Is there a bias for nuclear power and does publicity for nuclear power affect the objectivity of the press?