Establishing the Physician's Role in Combating Climate Change

Room: 119
27.08.2010, Friday 15.15 - 16.45

Organizer: Dr. Tony Waterston

Dr. Tony Waterston, consultant Paediatrician, Newcastle upon Tyne, Medact lead for climate change; Robert Gould, MD, President, SF-Bay Area PSR, Associate Pathologist, Kaiser Hospital, San Jose, CA; Mustafa Abbas, medical student, UK.

This workshop explores how physicians can become active in presenting the health effects of climate change, and advocate at work for a low carbon health care system. Dr. Waterston will present new Lancet Commission data on the health impact of climate change, and explore methods used by the UK?s Climate and Health Council to inform health professionals and the general public. Dr. Gould will discuss PSR?s work within medical and public health organizations. Mr. Abbas will lead a small group workshop to identify obstacles and opportunities regarding health professional engagement on this issue.- Short presentations followed by group work and analysis and review of practical ways forward.