Patronage Committee

Patronage Committee IPPNW Worldcongress 2010
(alphabetical order)

Michael Ambühl, Dr., State Secretary Swiss Federal Department of Finances,
Berne, Switzerland

Egon Bahr, Prof. Dr. h.c. Berlin, Former Member of German Federal Government,
Berlin, Germany  

Ole Danbolt Mjøs, Prof. emeritus in medicine, former principal/rector at the University in Tromsø, past chairman of the Nobel peace price committee of the Norwegian Parliament
Tromsø, Norway

Ruth Dreifuss, former Federal Councillor,
Geneva, Switzerland

Hans-Peter Dürr, Prof. PhD, Dr. h.c., Munich, Founder & President of Global Challenges Network
Munich, Germany  

Denis Hayes, Honorary Chair of the international Earth Day Network, President of the Bullitt Foundation
Seattle, Washington, USA

Bea Heim, Member of Swiss National Council,
Starrkirch, Switzerland

Kathrin Hilber, Member of the Governing Council, Department of Interior,
Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Moritz Leuenberger, Federal Councillor, Chief of the Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC)
Swiss Government, Berne, Switzerland

Bernard Lown, Prof. MD, Harvard University, Co- Founder of IPPNW, Cardiologist, Peace Activist, and Author
Boston,  USA

Christa Markwalder, lic. Iur.,  Member of Swiss National Council,
Berne, Switzerland

Guy Morin, MD, President of the Government of Basel
Basel, Switzerland

Mitsuhei Murata, Former Ambassador of Japan in Switzerland,
Prof. of the Tokai Gakuen University 
Tokyo, Japan

Odvar Nordli, Former Prime Minister of Norway
Tangen, Norway

Ursula Plassnik, Dr., Representative of the Austrian National Council
Vienna, Austria

Rudolf Rechsteiner, Dr. rer. pol., Member of Swiss National Council
Basel, Switzerland

René Rhinow, Prof., Former Member of the Swiss Council of States
Seltisberg, Switzerland

Henrik Salander, Ambassador, Chairman, Middle Powers Initiative

Werner van Gent, Correspondent for swiss media
Athens, Greece

Matthias Weishaupt, Dr. phil., Member of the Governing Council, Department of Health
Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland