Aiming for Prevention - Possibilities for South-North Student Cooperation


Alex Rosen, IPPNW Germany

Facilitators & Speakers

Agyeno Ehase, Emperatriz Crespin, Nidia Rodriguez


For many years, IPPNW has successfully supported local projects and initiatives to combat the rising violence from small arms. Projects like One Bullet Stories have given small arms violence a human face, affiliates in Latin America, South Asia and Africa have organized mass rallies, research projects and public events, IPPNW experts on the topic have been involved in UN conferences and students have met Nobel Peace Laureates, parliamentarians and even national presidents in an effort to limit the deadly effects of these smallest weapons of mass destruction. Most arms being exported to the countries of the Global South come from countries like the US, Russia, Germany, the UK, France, Canada and Japan. Companies are making huge profits with the sale of deadly ammunition while people in the Global South are dying and while doctors are spending their valuable time treating gunshot wounds. We feel that it is time that the medical students from the South and North unite in a joint effort to tackle the issue of small arms violence in form of a cooperative campaign. Together with the physicians working on this topic in the Global South, we feel that we have something to add to the IPPNW campaign Aiming for Prevention and want to take the opportunity in Basel to discuss ways in which we can start joint projects focusing on research, exchange, activism and advocacy.


The participants should be a mix of about the equal number of students from the Global South and from the Global North.


Room 35