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Workshop Session 1 - August 27th,  15.15 - 16.45

  • Lobbying for the Nuclear Weapons Convention
    Facilitator. John Loretz, Program Director, IPPNW
    Speaker: Rebecca Johnson, Acronym Institute

  • Confronting Nuclear Weapons: Lessons for Obama & Us
    Organizer: Prof. Lawrence Wittner
    Speaker: Lawrence Wittner, Prof. of History at the State University of New York/Albany

  • IPPNW and the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development: Opportunities for Engagement
    Organizer: Aiming for Prevention
    Speakers: Invited participation by all the plenary speakers

    Moderators: Dr. Sebastian Taylor, Chief Executive, Action on Armed Violence

    Ime John, MD, MPH, PhD, IPPNW Nigeria

  • Health Effects of the Atomic Bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Recent Evidence and New Topics
    Organizer: JPPNW
    Chair: Shizuteru Usui, President of JPPNW (President of Hiroshima Prefectural Medical Association)
    Moderator: Katsuko Kataoka, Secretary General of JPPNW (Professor Emeritus of Hiroshima University)
    Speakers: Masao Tomonaga, President of JPPNW Nagasaki Branch (Director of Japanese Red Cross Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Hospital), Makoto Matsumura, Board member of Hiroshima Prefectural Medical Association. Nanao Kamada, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Survivors Relief Foundation

  • De-escalating the Iranian Nuclear Situation
    Organizer: Werner van Gent

  • Global Health Watch - Presenting an Alternative Paradigm for Development Based on the Right to Health
    Organizer: Medact (UK) and IPPNW Germany
    Speakers: David Mc Coy (speaker), Kirsten Schubert (moderator)

  • Nuclear Renaissance Incompatible with Nuclear-Weapons-Free World
    Organizer: Atomic Photographers Guild; Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
    Speaker: Robert Del Tredici; Dr. Gordon Edwards
    Contribution 1(25 MB) , 2(5.8 MB) , 3

  • Establishing the Physician's Role in Combating Climate Change
    Organizer: Dr. Tony Waterston
    Dr. Tony Waterston, consultant Paediatrician, Newcastle upon Tyne, Medact lead for climate change; Robert Gould, MD, President, SF-Bay Area PSR, Associate Pathologist, Kaiser Hospital, San Jose, CA; Mustafa Abbas, medical student, UK.

  • Increased Childhood Cancer Rates Near Nuclear Power Plants
    Organizer: IPPNW German affiliate
    Moderator Winfrid Eisenberg; co-moderator Malte Andre
    Ian Fairlie (GB), an independent consultant on radiation in the environment, will give an input lecture; he has reviewed over 60 studies world-wide dealing with cancer near nuclear reactors. Alfred Körblein (ppt) (pdf), a statistician, has been invited to comment; he will add further aspects to be discussed in the workshop.
    Reinhold Thiel has published to this issue a paper in english and german.


Workshop Session 2 - August 27th,  17.00 - 18.15

  • Multiplying Our Effectiveness, Building Sustainable Networks: Working Successfully with Health Agencies, Non-medical NGOs on Violence Prevention Research, Education, other Programming
    Organizer: Aiming for Prevention
    Moderator: Dr. Paul Saoke, IPPNW Kenya
    Short presentations and roundtable discussion with the following speakers:
    Chris Bem, MD, Medact : Kidist Bartolemeos, WHO Injury Dept/Africa WHO
    Robert Mtonga, MD IPPNW Zambia, Cluster Munitions Steering Committee
    Andrew Winnington, MD New Zealand; Dr. Sebastian Taylor, Chief Executive, Action on Armed Violence

  • The Obama Administration's Position on Nuclear Disarmament and the Response of Physicians for Social Responsibility
    Organizer: Robert Gould, MD, President, SF-Bay Area PSR, Associate Pathologist, Kaiser Hospital, San Jose, CA.
    Moderator and Panel Participant: Jeffrey Patterson, DO (President, PSR; Professor of Family Medicine, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health)
    Panel Participants: Edward Ifft , PhD, Adjunct Professor, Security Studies Program, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service; former U.S. State Department negotiator for START and CTBT, and former Deputy Director, On-Site Inspection Agency; Robert Gould, MD, President, SF-Bay Area PSR, Associate Pathologist, Kaiser Hospital, San Jose, CA.

  • Global Consequences of Local Nuclear War
    Facilitator. John Loretz, Program Director, IPPNW
    Speaker: Ira Helfand, PSR-USA

  • Nuclear Bomb Victims of the World
    Organizer: Katsuyuki Takeda JPPNW / PANW and Yutaka Manabe

    Speakers: Yutaka Manabe, Democratic Medical Institution; Dr Hiroshi Iwanaga, Neurologist and Chairman of World Nuclear Victims Organisation, Japan; Dr Enver Tohti, Uighur cancer surgeon in China (1985-1997) discovered the link between the high rates of cancer and the secret nuclear tests, now political refugee (UK); Kazakstan: Dr. Oleg Nikitin, MD

  • Fatal Consequences of Radionuclide Contamination in Urban Environment
    Organizer: Prof. Jürg Ulrich (em.), University Hospital Basel, Switzerland
    Speakers: Prof. Anatoliy Prykhodchenko, Dnieprodzerzhinsk State Technical University, Ukraine

  • Media and accidents in nuclear reactors
    Organizer: Jürg Ulrich, MD, Basel.
    Speakers: Rudolf Rechsteiner, economist, ex-member of the Swiss National Council, Basel
    Representitives from media: to be confirmed later

  • Advancing Peace Education for Health Practitioners
    Facilitators and speakers:
    Klaus Melf (IPPNW Norway), Stephan Kolb (IPPNW Germany) and Marion Birch (Medact)

  • Effect of Low Artificial Radiation on Insects
    Organizer and speaker: Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, swiss artist

  • Environmental Crisis and Danger of War - a Second Look
    Organizer and speaker: Till Bastian, MD, has published his first investigation within a IPPNW-sponsored study in 1990 - twenty years ago. Nowadays he feels it might be time for "a second look".

Workshop Session 3 - August 28th,  10.30 - 12.00


  • Sharing our Strengths: North/South IPPNW Affiliates Collaborate on Aiming for Prevention
    Organizer: Aiming for Prevention
    Moderators: Emperatriz Crespin, MD MPH IPPNW El Salvador, Alex Rosen, MD, IPPNW Germany; Chris Bem, MD, Medact ; Florian Hugenberg, MD, IPPNW Germany
    Agyeno Ehase, MD, IPPNW Nigeria; Nidia Rodriguez, MD, IPPNW Ecuador

  • The Human Factor: How human mistakes could cause a nuclear war
    Organizer: SLMK; the Swedish Affiliate of IPPNW
    Speakers: Lloyd Dumas, Professor of Political Economy, Economics, and Public Policy in the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas

  • Towards a Global Treaty Ban of Depleted Uranium Weapons
    Organizer: IPPNW Germany
    Speakers: Katsumi Furitsu, IPPNW Japan; Doug Weir, ICBUW, Angelika Claussen, IPPNW Germany

  • Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Middle East / Mediterranean
    Organizers: Liz Waterston, Zita Makoi, Ahmed Geneid , Abraham Behar
    Speakers: Dr Mohamed Soleiman, Professor Abraham Behar, Dr Michele Di Paolantonio, Mr Hillel Schenker, Dr Mustafa Ghanim

  • Hypotheses on War and Health
    Organizer: NVMP-Netherlands and PGS Physicians for Global Survival Canada.  
    Speakers: Dr. Leo van Bergen (Netherlands) and Dr. Mrs. Dale Dewar (Canada)

  • Promotion of Pharmaceutical Industry and its Influence on Public Health
    Organizer: Dr. Joachim Both, Berlin
    Speakers: Dr. Joachim Both, Prof. Dr. Mueller-Oerlinghausen, Berlin

    Moderator: Kirsten Schubert

  • Nuclear Power as "Greenhouse Solution"? Environmental and Public Health Issues
    Organizer: Robert Gould, MD
    Dr. Ian Fairlie, Independent Consultant on Radioactivity in the Environment, Board Member of UK Medact; Peter Wilk, MD, Executive Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Washington DC; Robert Gould, MD, President, SF-Bay Area PSR, Associate Pathologist, Kaiser Hospital, San Jose, CA.

  • Umbrella or Bullseye? Dismantling Extended Nuclear Deterrence
    Organizer: Dr Bill Williams, MBBS, President Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia), International Councillor International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
    Speakers: Dr. Bill Williams and Kazuo Matsui, retired oto-laryngolist [ENT], Director of Physicians Nuclear War Japan; Steven Staples, Director Rideau Institute, Ottawa, Canada; Xanthe Hall, Program Coordinator of the German affiliate of IPPNW; John Gunnar Maeland, M.D. Ph.D professor, University of Bergen, Norway, Chair, Norwegian Physicians against Nuclear Weapons

  • Bang for Bucks: The Cost of Nuclear Weapons
    Organizer / speaker: Prof. Dr. Christoph Frei, University of  St.Gallen

Workshop Session 4 - August 28th,  15.15 - 16.45

  • Nuclear Weapon Free Zones (NWFZs): Laboratories for Abolition
    Facilitator: Tim Street, ICAN-UK
    Speakers: Tim Street, ICAN-UK, Jans Fromow Guerra, Mexico (TBC), Dr. Landetta and Dr. Pierscionek

  • Learn about Nuclear Weapons
    Organizer: SLMK, the Swedish Affiliate of IPPNW.
    Speakers: Gunnar Westberg; Josefin Lind

  • Landmines, Cluster Munitions, Small Arms and Light Weapons: Status of Global Efforts to Control and Prevent Injuries
    Organizer: Aiming for Prevention
    Ime John MD, MPH, PhD, IPPNW Co-president, Nigeria - Small arms and light weapons
    Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey, Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament & Environmental Protection - Landmine Monitor, Landmine Education activist - Landmines
    Chris Bem, MD, Medact (IPPNW affiliate UK)
    Dr. Sebastian Taylor, Chief Executive, Action on Armed Violence - Explosive Munitions
    Moderator: Robert Mtonga MD, IPPNW Zambia, ICBL Advisory Committee, Zambia Landmine Monitor, Steering Committee Cluster Munitions Coalition

  • Death on the Silk Road
    Organizer: Dr Enver Tohti, Uighur cancer surgeon
    in China (1985-1997) discovered the link between the high rates of cancer and the secret nuclear tests, now political refugee (UK)

    Speaker: Dr Enver Tohti

    Co-speakers: Prof: Masako Ikegami, Department of Political Science, Stockholm University and board member of the Swedish Pugwash Group, Dr. Madjit Husainov, antinuclear activist and founder of the antinuclear movement of Kirgizstan, Prof. Hideshi Takesada, Director of the Japanese National Institute for Defence Studies

  • Beyond the 2010 NPT Review Conference
    Organizers and speakers:
    Prof. Dr. Harald Müller, Executive Director Peace Research Institute Frankfurt
    Dr. Christian Schoenenberger, Head, Task Force on Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

  • Neoliberal Economic Globalization; Global Crisis and War
    Organizer: Dr. Carlos Pazos, IPPNW Cuba
    Program / Speakers:
     - General Concepts on: Neoliberal Economic Globalization; Global Crisis and War - Dr. Carlos Pazos (Cuba)
    - The Causes of Global Crisis: The United States and The Third World - Dr. Antonio Jarquín (Nicaragua) In the case that Dr. Jarquín could not attend the Congress, Dr. Helmut Lohrer (Germany) would read his presentation
    - The Causes of Global Crisis: Europe - Dr. Christoph Kraemer (Germany) - General debate

  • Gaza and Israel
    Organizer and speaker: Hillel Schenker, Co-Editor Palestine-Israel Journal (; Donald L. Mellman, MD, MPH, MBA, was a private practice neurosurgeon for 26 years. He now concentrates on healthcare policy & management issues as well as those of social and economic equity.

    Moderator: Liz Waterston

  • The Hidden Casualties of War
    Society for Chemical weapons victims support SCWVS
    PSR-Iran (doctors- students)
    Speakers: Shahriar Khateri, MD, Leila Moein, medical student

  • sun21 and Peak Oil Resources - the Two Related Number 1 Priorities ? Prevention of Nuclear War and Climate change
    Organizer: IPPNW Switzerland
    Speaker: Daniele Ganser, Andreas Nidecker, Martin Vosseler