SPARC - Recruiting Students and Keeping them Active


Alex Rosen, IPPNW Germany


In Basel, students from all over the world will attended the IPPNW Student World Congress. From all over the world? Well, not quite. In the past, we've had some problems recruiting students in certain countries. While countries like Finland, India, the US, Australia or Nepal have managed to maintain high student membership (in Germany, for example, students make up more than 10% of the total members), other countries have not - even despite otherwise highly active membership. The situation is especially worrying in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and parts of Asia. This development might not seem to influence the work of IPPNW right now, but it will have serious repercussions in the future, when finding interested physicians to continue IPPNW's mission will pose an even greater problem than today. That's why we have come up with a concrete plan to combat this situation and spread the sparks of student activism, aptly named SPARC - the Students Promoting Activism and Recruitment Campaign. This campaign combines different strategies, which have been shown to work in local, national or regional recruitment campaigns in the past. In this workshop we will present some of these methods and discuss together how they can be taken to a global level.


The participants should be a mix of about a handful of people from each region of the world (Africa, Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, Middle East).


Room 212