Working with Media - Basics & Interactive Training


Daniel Lüthi, Swiss School of Journalism, Lucerne


We want to be heard and read. With our message we want to reach the media and convince our audience. But how do we go about this?

If we want to achieve our objectives, we have to know how journalists think, what they need, and when they need it. And we have to be able to say what we want to say - in a clear and attractive manner. If our audience doesn't understand us, our efforts to be heard and read are in vain.

Working with Media - Basics (15.10-16.40): The first part of this seminar aims at making you familiar with the world of the media and the principles of language that suits the media.

Working with Media - Interactive Training (17.00-18.30): The second part is an intense interactive workshop: You learn to focus your speech and be proactive, rather than simply reacting, in front of the microphone.

Daniel Lüthi, your trainer, is one of the head of studies at the Swiss School of Journalism in Lucerne ( As a journalist, he has been working for several newspapers and magazines and was an editor and speaker for the Swiss National Radio (DRS) for almost twenty years. He subsequently worked as the spokesman of the Swiss Federal Office for Building and Logistics, was the Head of Communications of the Swiss Medical Association and media trainer at the Universidad Católica in La Paz, Bolivia.


A basic knowledge of how to handle people and media should be of interest to every IPPNW member taking part in public activities.

The second part of the media training is preferrably for young people who organize public activities and therefore will more often have to handle direct contact with the media. In order to guarantee an effective and educational interactive training in the second part of this workshop, the number of participants will be very limited.


Room 212