Cultural Carnival

On the evening of the first day (August 25th) of the student congress, a cultural carnival will take place. Every participant is cordially invited to bring typical food and beverages from their region or country, eventually even a traditional costume, so that the other participants can experience a little bit of the cultures reunited at the congress.


Cultural Carnival at the IPPNW European Medical Student Conference in Amsterdam (November 28, 2008), Photo by Roman Sandoz


Every one of you should also bring a slogan like "No to nuclear weapons" that you have been using in your country with you. If you have not got one, draw a poster with such a slogan in your own language - just give free rein to your imagination.

This evening will also be an opportunity to show off your special talents to your fellow students. You are heartily encouraged to prepare a speech, sketch, music or anything else you can come up with, in front of the assembled students (who will of course be responding in kind). If you can sing or dance, or have something to say to everybody, you'll get a chance here! Just send us an e-mail specifying what you need (music, microfone, ...) and how much time it will fill, so that we can put together an interesting program.

The following acts have already been submitted:

  • Fashion Show on Global Denuclearization (Jeetendra Singh, India)
  • Speech of Encouragement (Noble Chigozie Ngaobiwu, Nigeria)