Climate Change and its Health Impact


Chudamani Giri, IPPNW Nepal

Facilitators & Speakers

Apil Dev Neupane, IPPNW Nepal


The World Health Organization (WHO) has already come up with the conclusion that climate change is an emerging public health threat. It has shown its effect on infectious disease pattern, natural disasters induced health problems etc. Moreover, the activities of humans are largely responsible for this. The impact of climate change isn't distributed evenly; developing countries are marred more by its effect, while industrialized nations form the major contributors.

As responsible medical students, indeed the share of responsibility lies within us to tackle the problem as per our capacity.

We invite medical students and doctors to actively participate in the workshop, throw light on the existing body of knowledge upon health impacts of climate change and brainstorm for finding simple and effective ways to tackle it at our level.


Room 103