IPPNW and the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development: Opportunities for Engagement

Room: 120
27.08.2010, Friday 15.15 - 16.45

Organizer: Aiming for Prevention

Speakers: Invited participation by all the plenary speakers / to be confirmed later

Moderators: Dr. Sebastian Taylor, Chief Executive, Action on Armed Violence; Ime John, MD, MPH, PhD, IPPNW Nigeria

This workshop will expand on the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development plenary. The Geneva Declaration (GD) represents a high-level diplomatic initiative that prioritizes strengthening state efforts to integrate armed violence reduction and conflict prevention programs into development frameworks and strategies. We will explore specific avenues for IPPNW affiliate and health community involvement in the GD and try to identify entry points in at least 3 regions for 2010-11 to help further its goals from a health perspective.