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"Short glances to the prevention projects in the field of violence through small arms"

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"Violence Prevention, Health and Development: A WHO Perspective"

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"The Elimination of Nuclear Weapons : a Humanitarian Imperative"


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"Chronic Low Dose Radiation. Why Induced Reactive Oxygen Species have a Role in Cardiovascular Diseases" (Slide comments)

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titel to be anounced


Lown, B

Plenary Address

Murata, M

"Averting the ultimate catastrophe - Providence and the need for maternal thinking to guide decision making"

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"Global Health and Eradicating Nuclear Weapons: ICAN"

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Interreligious Celebration

Sunday, 29th August 2010, 10.15 - 11.45 a.m.

Prediger Church, Totentanz 19, Basel

The organizers are deeply convinced that there is a spiritual component to our long-standing commitment to nuclear abolition. Scientific and socio-political efforts on our part might see increased success if this were considered to a greater extent.

Participants of the IPPNW world congress may join local people from Basel in an interreligious service. The prediger  church is close to the university, as indicated in the programme. Believers of different religious  denominations and groups from Basel will recite passages and texts drawn from their own good books and spiritual sources relating to the topics of the congress. Music will play a role in the gathering:  The "Basler Vokalensemble" will present the Bach's motet "Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied" and a few songs will be jointly intonated by all participants. At the  end of the Service, a "Trialogue between three organs" will give you encouragement  and strength for your work and life ahead. (pdf)

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