Sharing our Strengths: North/South IPPNW Affiliates Collaborate on Aiming for Prevention

Room: 120
28.08.2010, Sat 10.30 - 12.00

Organizer: Aiming for Prevention

Moderators: Emperatriz Crespin, MD MPH IPPNW El Salvador, Alex Rosen, MD, IPPNW Germany; Chris Bem, MD, Medact ; Florian Hugenberg, MD, IPPNW Germany
Agyeno Ehase, MD, IPPNW Nigeria; Nidia Rodriguez, MD, IPPNW Ecuador

This workshop will bring together members of IPPNW affiliates from the global North and South to discuss opportunities to help strengthen Aiming for Prevention work through IPPNW internal collaborations, with a goal to design a pilot ?sister affiliate?  process to be implemented for one year with at least 2-3 pairs of North/South affiliates. We will seek input from members on how to best organize and initiate such a project and how we will measure its success to determine potential replication. This will also incorporate conclusions from the student workshop on this topic.