Sick and Without Papers? - Medical Aid for Undocumented Migrants and Refugees


Alex Rosen, IPPNW Germany


In the EU, the US and other countries around the world, a large number of people live without any real right or securities. They are so-called undocumented migrants, sans papiers , clandestini or, to many simply illegal immigrants. They often live in miserable conditions, without safe housing, safe jobs or the opportunity to become legalized. They cannot send their children to schools and cannot go to the hospital when they are in need of medical help. As doctors, we cannot accept this humanitarian catastrophe right in front of our door step. In many regions, small initiatives have started to offer medical aid to undocumented migrants. This workshop would introduce the audience to the topic and the reality of daily life as a person without papers, work out possibilities to help in form of an interactive discussion and end by presenting an IPPNW student project in Germany, which has been able to help undocumented migrants to get the medical help they need.


Room 35