Anthroposophy as a Social Healing Impulse in Conflict Areas, Part I


Eyal Bloch, David Yellin Academic College, Jerusalem (Israel)


Transforming crisis into opportunity (Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 - please note that you can participate in one or both)

In these workshops we will have a look into best practice projects in conflict areas that sprang out of anthroposophy. We shall explore principles and methods that will help us to understand conflicts as opportunities for social change. We will focus on sustainable social development and discuss how local leadership with proper training can build a healthy society based on strength and beauty of the local culture.

Each participant will develop a personal toolbox that will enable him / her to think about sustainable change in conflict areas.

Mr Bloch is from Israel, his workshops are based on twenty years of teaching experience and work as a social and educational entrepreneur in conflict areas.


Room 104